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  • That's So Hot

    A blind date goes from bad to worse until something unexpected is revealed. Starring Marco Hernandez and Aisha Ramirez. Written, directed, filmed and edited by Pamela Oliver Munoz.

  • One Person At A Time

    This was an award winning short for The Climate Action Filmmaking Facebook Group with Ela Thier. It was inspired by a TED talk by student-activist, Greta Thunberg. We complain about climate change but are reluctant to do anything about it. Film by Pamela Oliver Muñoz, starring Stephanie Baggett as the mom, and Roberta Martinez as the daughter. Royalty-free music Acoustic Breeze from BenSound.

  • PAWS

    Adopt a cat. Save a life. Make a friend. There are too many stray cats to be kept at PAWS. You can make a difference and save a life by adopting a cat or kitten now. Video and song by Pamela Oliver Munoz.

  • Evelyn Cantu Campaign commercial

    3 college students show how Evelyn would help them to achieve their goals.

  • Melissa Guy for Access Esperanza Clinics

    Melissa talks about how the affordable Access Esperanza clinic found her cancer.

  • Melissa talks about cancer

    Melissa talks about finding out she has cancer and her emotions and thoughts surrounding that finding.

  • Jane's Bakery

    Jane Casteneda has a delicious bakery in Harlingen, Texas

  • En Plein Air

    Savannah paints outside in nature.

  • Baseball to Bride Commercial

    Generic Insurance commercial. Father with daughter as child to Bride, caring for her with love and with insurance.

  • Heinz Picnic

    A couple enjoys romantic lunch with Heinz ketchup intil her boyfriend shows up!

  • Valley to Cali

    B&W video of the band Valley to Cali playing "Fools of You" at the prelude in Harlingen, TX Brandon Ortega, lead, Marcos Munoz bass, Ben Ozuna drums

  • Secret Heart

    Video of lovers for the song: Secret Heart , written, perfromed, and video by Pamela Oliver Munoz actors: Dannie MacCallum, Omar Garza

  • Access Esperanza Stephanie

    A young woman with a family and career and education goals explains how Access Esperanza helps them to plan their family responsibly, and stay healthy.

  • Melissa fashion to Vangoes

    Fashion video to music by the Vangoes. model and stylist: Melissa Guy

  • The Scariest Stories Are Those We Don't Tell

    Scary stories are a campfire staple but sometimes the scariest stories are those we never tell.