crafted by photobiz

About Me

I want to take photographs, portraits of you that are so beautiful, so soul and spirit-revealing that they wil make:

- your Mama cry

- your ex come crawling back to you (not that you'd take him/her)

- the voters check your name in the voting booth

- find you the perfect soulmate

- more clients choose you

- college recruiters give you scholarship money - lots of it!

- pageant judges give you a crown

- Hollywood cast you in movies

- NYC say '"You can make it here!"

- customers flock to your store to buy clothes

- your husband look at you like when you first met

- your novel get on the New York Times' Best Seller List

- your band's first album win a Grammy

- you see yourself s the amazing human being you are

...the list goes on but this sentence shoudn't, so just

call me to book a wonderful, fun-filled couple of hours of magic-making to have forever, for any one of a million reasons.

You deserve it.