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  • PAWS

    Adopt a cat. Save a life. Make a friend. There are too many stray cats to be kept at PAWS. You can make a difference and save a life by adopting a cat or kitten now. Video and song by Pamela Oliver Munoz.

  • Evelyn Cantu Campaign commercial

    3 college students show how Evelyn would help them to achieve their goals.

  • Melissa Guy for Access Esperanza Clinics

    Melissa talks about how the affordable Access Esperanza clinic found her cancer.

  • Melissa talks about cancer

    Melissa talks about finding out she has cancer and her emotions and thoughts surrounding that finding.

  • Jane's Bakery

    Jane Casteneda has a delicious bakery in Harlingen, Texas

  • En Plein Air

    Savannah paints outside in nature.

  • Baseball to Bride Commercial

    Generic Insurance commercial. Father with daughter as child to Bride, caring for her with love and with insurance.

  • Heinz Picnic

    A couple enjoys romantic lunch with Heinz ketchup intil her boyfriend shows up!

  • Valley to Cali

    B&W video of the band Valley to Cali playing "Fools of You" at the prelude in Harlingen, TX Brandon Ortega, lead, Marcos Munoz bass, Ben Ozuna drums

  • Secret Heart

    Video of lovers for the song: Secret Heart , written, perfromed, and video by Pamela Oliver Munoz actors: Dannie MacCallum, Omar Garza

  • Access Esperanza Stephanie

    A young woman with a family and career and education goals explains how Access Esperanza helps them to plan their family responsibly, and stay healthy.

  • Melissa fashion to Vangoes

    Fashion video to music by the Vangoes. model and stylist: Melissa Guy

  • The Scariest Stories Are Those We Don't Tell

    Scary stories are a campfire staple but sometimes the scariest stories are those we never tell.